Wooden Poles, Lumber, Railroad Ties.
High pressure vacuum impregnation autoclaves.

About Us

Ural Forests is one of the largest manufacturer in the Ural-Siberian region, with an area of 280,000 m? for supplying and exporting woodworking industry. The specialization of Ural Forests is impregnation of wooden poles for telecommunication and electric lines, as well as railroad sleepers, and sawn-wood.

Our main activities are woodworking production.
We are located in Sverdlovsk region (Center of Russia)
Advanced infrastructure from driveways to railroads, and rivers.

We use the method of «Vacuum – Pressure – Vacuum» in our impregnation process, and two types of wood preservative (antiseptic): the first one is water-soluble CCA group (antiseptic «Ultan»), and the second one is coal tar (coal oil) also known as Creosote.

Ural Forests (formerly known as Serov EnergoLesoKombinat) is the manufacturer of a wide range of woodworking industry products. The main share of our production line is occupied by the impregnation of poles and railroad sleepers, as well as swan wood. The factory also provides impregnation process for other companies, and we also produce a huge amounts of sawn wood.

Serov EnergoLesoKombinat (meanwhile Ural Forests) started operating in 1969. It had a full cycle production, which provides non-waste technology in the processing of wooden poles, sawn wood, woodworking joints, and Chipboard.

On November 30, 1993, the factory was privatized and transformed into a joint stock company. And on November 2000 the plant was renamed to JSC «Serov MachtoPropitochnyZavod». Since November 2007 it has been owned by LLC «Ural Forests».

Currently Ural Forests is the largest supplier of impregnated wooden poles in Ural-Siberian region, Volga region, and southern of Russia, as well as a decent market outside the Russian Federation.