Wooden Electric Power Transmission

The use of wooden poles has great advantages over other types of poles, such as reinforced concrete and metal poles, here are some of it:

  • The light weight of wood leads to a severe reduction in transport costs and simplifies the installation process;
  • The elasticity of wooden poles, gives it the ability to be installed in areas with high wind loads and icing conditions;
  • The elasticity of wooden poles also allows you not to be so careful & neat when working with this material, where it is highly necessary, when working with a rather brittle concrete poles;
  • The lack of “domino effect” the damage of a single pole is held with neighboring poles that reduces the number of outages on the lines;
  • The low cost of wooden poles compared with other types;
  • Normative lifetime of concrete poles is around 25 years, on the other hand impregnated wooden poles can serve for 40 years, with an average lifespan between 50-60 years;
Wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines

Wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines

Ural Forests manufactures wooden electric poles from pine that grows at a latitude above 60?. This is
the north of the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions. These timber logs have more densely spaced tree rings, also known as growth rings, which increases the strength of the poles produced.
Timber for making communication poles and power lines correspond to the GOST 9463-88 & BS 1990-1:1984.

Our factory impregnated timber poles with coal oil (Creosote) according to GOST 20022.5-93, as well as, water-soluble preservative CCA group (Chromated, Copper, Arsenate) “Ultan”. Impregnation method – in accordance with GOST 20022.6-93 using the method vacuum-pressure-vacuum, in a high pressure autoclaves. All our products corresponds with the following GOSTs 9463-88, 20022.0-93 and 20022.6-93.
Manufactured pole’s length is between 6.0 t0 13.0 meters, as well as other lengths, based on customer requirements. The diameter at the top of the poles varies in a range of 16 to 22 cm.
If needed, holes can be drilled in the poles for metal fastenings insulators.

Railroad Sleepers

Impregnated railway sleepers

Impregnated railroad ties

Ural Forests produces wooden impregnated railroad sleepers of all kinds (mainly type – II), as well as
bridge bars (upon customer’s request).
Railroad sleepers are made primarily of pinophyta (mainly pinus sylvestris).

Impregnated wooden railroad sleepers that are produced  by our factory are fully compliant with the following Russian standard (GOST):

  • Quality and geometrical parameters of wood (timber) — GOST 78-2004 «Wooden sleepers for full gauge railways»;
  • Protective ways — GOST 2770-74 «Coal-tar oil (a.k.a Creosote) for wood impregnation»;
  • Protection technology — GOST 20022.5-93 «Wood protection. Pressure treatment by oily protective means»;

On suppliers demand Ural Forests can impregnate railroad sleepers in water-soluble antiseptic (“Ultan”).