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Wooden Poles, Impregnated Wooden Poles, Russian wood, Russian Manufacturer, Railway sleepers, Creosote, CCA, BS 4072:1999.  Round logs, Sawn wood manufacturer, ????? ???????? ????? , Wooden Transmission Line Poles.
Pine, BS 1990-1:1984, Pinus Sylvestris, Redwood, Scots pine, P?nus sylv?stris, Pin?ceae, ????? ????? ?????, autoclaves, Lumber, Wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines, wooden poles for electricity, wooden utility poles, impregnated poles Russia.
Siberian Pine, Debarked Piles, poles, pit props, Fabricated poles ready for treatment, Nordic Scots pine, White poles, Overhead WTP, wooden transmission poles WTP, Russian pine, mine props, cross arms, kicking blocks, rail-road, cross-ties, marine piling, switch ties and bridge material, creosote poles.